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Dr. Shilpa R K

Consultant Dermatologist MBBS, DDVL

About Shilpa R K

Boasting a decade of experience, Dr. Shilpa R.K. stands out as one of Bangalore’s premier dermatologists. She offers a full spectrum of skin and cosmetic treatments, tailored to meet the unique needs of patients across all age groups and skin types.
Dr. Shilpa’s commitment shines through in her personalized care for each patient, addressing a wide array of dermatological concerns with precision and compassion.
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Dr. Shilpa R.K., with her impressive decade-long journey in dermatology, is a distinguished name in Bangalore’s skin and hair care sector. She is dedicated to providing comprehensive skin care solutions, catering to the diverse needs of her patients. Her expertise extends to advanced hair care treatments, making her a sought-after specialist in Bangalore for both skin and hair concerns. Dr. Shilpa’s approach is not just about addressing issues but also about enhancing overall skin health and hair vitality.

At her clinic, patients can expect a holistic range of services, from rejuvenating skin therapies to innovative hair restoration techniques. Whether it’s combating skin aging, treating acne, or managing hair loss, Dr. Shilpa employs the latest in dermatological advancements to ensure effective results. Her passion for skin and hair care is evident in the personalized treatment plans she crafts, each tailored to the individual’s unique condition and lifestyle.

Dr. Shilpa’s Nishka Skin clinic in Bangalore has become a beacon for those seeking top-tier skin and hair care. Her commitment to excellence is not just in treating but also in educating patients about skin and hair health. This dedication makes her stand out as a provider of premier dermatological care in the region. Patients leaving her clinic do so with not just improved skin and hair but also with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their dermatological health.


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Dr. Shilpa R K

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Dr Shilpa RK - Dermatologist - Cosmetologist in Bangalore
Shilpa R K

Dermatologist - MBBS, DDVL

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